Whale watch in Albany between late May & early October

Whale watching in Albany WA

Whales visit Albany's coastline for whale watching between late May and early October.

Albany WA's whale watching cruises leave daily from the town harbour (near the entertainment centre)

during the whaling season.

You can also spot whales from Middleton Beach and the Whale Walk (Boardwalk from Middleton Beach).

Whale watching in Albany WA

Winter is the time to get away to Albany to watch whales. Sail away on a large catamaran or take a fast charter vessel cruise across Princess Royal Harbour to the King George Sound and see some amazing wildlife. Seals, seabirds, whales and much more. You will find that whale watching in Albany offers so much more nature to experience out on the water. Two whale species are common in Albany waters, these are the Humpback and the Southern Right Whale both sheltering in our bays for calving and mating.


See a list of most recent whale sightings posted on the websites of cruise operators, click on the tour listings above.


Be sure to book your whale tour in advance of arrival, details of Albany's cruise operators are on this page. While you are in Albany, also visit Discovery Bay and see Albany's whaling history and relics.