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Best Albany surf spots

Surf spots in Albany WA.

The south coast is changeable, so some breaks only work for a short time.

In autumn and winter, offshore winds fan the beaches and winter swells.

The "Search" will reward the keen surfer.

Below we list the most likely breaks to find the perfect wave.


View surf map below

Albany WA Surf map

find surf spots on the South Coast of western australia 
The Southern Ocean offers up great surf on the South Coast of WA all year round with bigger swells during winter and spring. Find great surf to the West and East of Albany. Closest and most reliable surf near Albany is at Muttonbird Beach. Drive to the look-out and check the beach before driving down to lower carpark on beach. Gravel road access to the beach is accessible for most vehicles although this track can be degraded by the end of winter, so check first with other drivers. Let tyres down for beach driving,  4x4 to more breaks within a few minutes of the car-park.

albany WA surf locations
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