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Only 30 minutes drive from the centre of Albany

1100 million year old granite outcrops.

Take in panoramic views from the top of Castle Rock at the Granite Skywalk. Be there between late August to October to see orchids and wildflowers, and all year round you will see fantastic examples of fungus growing from tree trunks and rocks along the way.

The walk to the Skywalk (670 metres height / 4.4km return trip). The actual ascent on the Skywalk takes 35 minutes and is 200 metres return.

This walk is suitable for a moderately fit person.

The track to the Skywalk is a steep ascent along a stony path with some obstacles. Walkers need The last part of the climb, just before reaching the ladder to the skywalk, involves a rugged climb through a rocky pass. This climb, though assisted with handles, is not for the faint hearted.arm and leg strength to pull up between rocks on the pathway.


The ladder to the top is 7metres and requires arm & leg strength (and an aptitude for heights!)

Can be daunting for some (I would say most)! If the actual Skywalk is beyond your comfort zone, there is an alternative viewing platform which is easy to access. The view from the lower platform is still absolutely worth the walk.


The pathway passes through Jarrah and Marri forest, the Balancing Rock and Karri lookout

from where the stunning Skywalk structure may be viewed.

Wear good walking shoes with non-slip soles as the path can become slippery when wet.Take water & snacks, weather can change quickly, take a lightweight weatherproof jacket in your pack. (the day we walked was a sunny warmish spring day, by the time we reached the top it was about 3pm and a freezing wind was blowing).
The walk to the top is well worth the effort.


Dogs not allowed /
This is where the walk begins.
How to Get There - GPS -34.6957, 117.92bbqs/tables & toilets).
From Albany, take the Chesterpass Road turning left at the Porongorups/Mt Barker Rd.
Take the signposted turnoff left to Castle Rock and the picnic area (
entrance to National Park.


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