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Find wellbeing practitioners in Albany WA
Albany’s has a vibrant & varied community of natural therapists and counsellors

 If you are looking for help for yourself or for a family member
call a health professional to discuss your requirements.

Albany offers a wide range of wellbeing & wellness services


If you are tempted to try a relaxing massage in Albany WA, take a look at the listings above and make a call to find out more about the style of remedial massage offered. Whether you prefer Swedish, deep tissue, hot rocks or Gong massage, there is bound to be a suitable offering on this page.

These days, counselling for families, couples and singles is an important part of healthy lifestyle. In days gone by, we would probably have had elders close to hand to help us to navigate our way through life, but in contemporary western lives, we often live far from loved ones and our elders. Taking time out to go to a  counselling session is something you can do for yourself or with your family. It’s a great way to just check in with your feelings or to explore a particular situation that has come up in your life. It could be the loss of a loved one, the fall-out from an illness, a marriage break-down or issues with teenage children. A professional listening ear can help you to bring thing into perspective and learn new skills for coping with life’s challenges.

Conventional health care through your regular GP or hospital services is one way to tackle health issues, but its not always the best or only way. Using alternative or natural therapies, it is possible to learn about the underlying reasons for illness and to treat the whole body/mind/spirit rather than just treating a symptom. Whether its Cranio Sacral Balancing, Acupressure or Bowen Therapy, you can benefit from taking a new approach to your health.

Our pages also list venues for yoga, meditation and Qigong. 

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