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Albany's Lake Seppings offers a world class birdwalk

If you are a keen birdwatcher...

.....or you would enjoy a peaceful stroll in a natural setting close to town,
visit Lake Seppings.
The full walk takes 1 hour to complete the walk, or longer if you plan on stopping at the bird hides. The first hide is close to the car-park, so if you only have 15 minutes available, its worth a stop off.
Turn off Middleton Beach Road to golf Links Road, the parking area is on the left after a few hundred metres.
Lake Seppings is regarded as an excellent place for watching water-birds.
Over 100 different species of birds have been recorded at this location.
the Australian White Ibis, Yellow-billed Spoonbill and the White-faced Heron.Blue-billed Duck,
musk duck, black swan, Hoary-headed Grebe, Australian pelican,
Eurasian cootSpotless Crake, Masked Lapwing, Dusky Moorhen,
Purple Swamphen and Buff-banded Rail.

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