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Find therapists, herbalists, massage & counsellors in Albany WA
Albany’s community of alternative therapists are here to help
If you are looking for help for yourself or for a family member

call a health professional to discuss your requirements.

Denmark Kinesiology / Melissa Hadfield / 0497 531 401 ✅

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture / Liping Li / 0412 265 676 ✅

Danielle Flynn / Kinesiology~acupressure / human horse dog / 0429 520 249 ✅

Brenda Villon / Reiki Meditation Metakinetics, Thought Field Therapy / (call for appt. home practice) 0499 822 082 

Alternative therapy is a specialty in Albany and on the South Coast.


Alternative therapy takes many forms and can help you to find harmony for your body and mind. Find our what your body is trying to tell you and respond with natural and ancient therapies. Gong and Reiki healing, Connected Breathing, Kinesiology and more. Release the stress and anxiety and find your positive self with alternative therapy in Albany WA.

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discounts are offered. Call 04010 86862 for advertising prices. email.

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