Fishing in Albany Western Australia

Fishing for salmon is popular in Albany, mainly from beaches or rocks such as Little Beach, the Salmon Holes and Nanarup. For fishing conditions in Albany today, see our fishing weather & tide info. Other commonly caught local fish include Herring, King George Whiting, Squid, Flathead, Cobbler & Pink Snapper. The Albany area offers beach or rock fishing, jetty fishing and boat fishing. Crabs may be caught during the summer crabbing season in the Princess Royal Harbour. There is also great river fishing for Black Bream from the Nanarup Inlet and the King and Kalgan rivers. Ocean Beach & the Wilson Inlet in Denmark also offer great fishing. See below best fishing spots in Albany WA.


Albany Fishing Tips ....


Albany is a very popular fishing destination. People come here to catch many different types of very good table fish. I have outlined below, some of the most common fish caught locally and a trick or two on how to catch them. 


SALMON – can be caught on most surf beaches using a classic gang rig and mulies.  Certain lures can work just as effectively. March/April around Albany is when the salmon are on the run.

Salmon Holes | Nanarup Beach

KING GEORGE WHITING – are one of the finest table fish around and they are plentiful around Albany (all year round), if you know where & how to catch them. They like to feed on sandy bottoms,  where the weed/reef meet the sand. Again, you don’t need bait, just a jig head and soft plastic will suffice.

King George Sound| Nanarup Beach

HERRING – these fellas hang in big schools almost anywhere around Albany any time of the year. For those who don’t like messy baits, they will take a lure (7gram) with a single hook. If you’re in a boat, “tuna haul” them in as they are masters at spitting out baits so the less time you mess with them, the better.

King George Sound | Town Jetty


SQUID – they are found everywhere on ‘weedy’ grounds all year round. Fish between 2.5 and 8 metres and if you put a large swivel between the leader and jig, it will help you get to the bottom. If in a boat, drift fishing is a good option. Find a suitable patch then drift, side on and cast with the breeze. You might try putting a ‘passive’ line in on the opposite side (in a rod holder) and set the line to drift about 1 m off the bottom.

Princess Royal Harbour
Middleton Beach Jetty


YELLOW FIN WHITING – are found on the flats from November to March. Best way to catch them is to wade in knee deep water using bubble poppers on ultra light gear.

Oyster Harbour


SNAPPER – jig for snapper on reefy lumps using ½ ounce jig head with soft plastic and again, drift for them out around Breaksea & Michaelmas Islands.

King George Sound


PIKE – on large areas of weed, you can troll bibbed lures for Pike (they have been caught up to 1 m locally). You can maybe pick up a BF Tuna out in deeper water in the Sound during Autumn.

King George Sound


BREAM – try using hard bodied lures on the riverflats/mouths in about 600mm -1m depth.

King & Kalgan River | Nanarup


SALMON TROUT – and herring love chasing surface lures (bubble poppers) in the channels.

Emu Point Channel

COBBLER – mainly come out at night and are a very nice eating fish. Fillet the flesh away from the skin. Beware of their 3 poisonous spines on their head (1 on top, 2 on the side). Very hot water for a few hours is the only way to quell the intense pain.

Frenchman's Bay | Princess Royal Harbour


BLUE MANNA CRABS – are commonly caught at night, wading across the shallows of Princess Royal Harbour (Western End) with a good light and a scoop net. Be sure to wear protective footware as cobblers are often seen here. Drop nets can also be used by boat, in deeper water within Princess Royal Harbour.

Princess Royal Harbour (Western End by foot)

Fishing ... more info.



When fishing off the rocks around Albany be safe as this is a very treacherous coastline. In particular, there have been drownings at the Salmon Holes.


Please adhere to bag limits and species size. 


Some species are seasonal.


Fishing out of a boat is ideal and there are some great spots out around the islands in King George Sound ... Michaelmas, Breaksea & Seal Islands.


There is plenty of good fishing from rocks and the beach using a rod. Take care as fishing off rocks can be dangerous. Line fishing from our local jetty's is also popular. Try Middleton Beach Jetty, Town Jetty and Emu Point Jetty.


Most of King George Sound (out to Michaelmas Is.) has mobile phone coverage.


Albany Marina - on the foreshore

Emu Point Marina (Boat Harbour)

Frenchmans Bay 

Little Grove (near sailing club)

Misery Beach (near Whaling Station)

Elizabeth Street (Lower King)


Albany's top 10 Spots


1. Salmon Holes 

2. Town Jetty

3. Emu Point Channel

4. Ellen Cove Jetty

5. Ocean Beach - Denmark

6. Princess Royal Harbour

7. Emu Point Jetty

8. Nanarup Inlet

9. Kalgan River

10. King George Sound

We have listed Albany WA's best fishing spots

When you visit Albany, be sure to consult this page for up to date fishing spots, fishing tips, albany wa weather and tides. 

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