Find massage & Bowen therapy in Albany WA
Massage therapy takes a holistic approach to caring for your body


Whether you require swedish, deep tissue, bowen, remedial or sports massage,

Albany's professionals offer a full range of services.

Body Work
Natural Health
Yoga + Meditation
Spiritual Healing
Beauty + Spa
Alternative Healing
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Call Mob 0401 086 862
Sandra Finn
Sandra Finn

Bowen Therapy

ABN: 72879815615
Mob: 0458 888 973
Recovery after Rehab
Bev Collier
Movement Conditioner
Accredited Rehab Master Trainer

168 Albany Highway, Albany


PH: 0408 443 687
Nina Ishtar - Cranio Sacral
Nina Ishtar
Certified Practicioner

Healing Nature
Cranio Sacral Balancing
Biodynamic Work

PH: 0449 066 808
Judy Crawford - Naturopath
Bowen Therapy

81 Strickland St. Denmark

Mob: 0414 828 759
Sharon Daymond
Occupational Therapist
Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Combined Decongestive Therapy
Lymphodema / Pre-Post Surgery / Stress / headaches / Achne / Skin Detox / Orthopaedic & Musculo-Skeletal disorders / Arthritis

PH: 08 9844 3938
Mob: 0458 323 211
Lauren Stubbings - Remedial Massage
Lauren Stubbings
Dip. Health Science

PH 0415 663 139
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Donna Metz
Remedial Massage
Mob 0411 431 237
Juliana Allen
40 Eclipse Drive, Albany
PH 08 9844 8415Bowen
Massage, natural health & beauty.
272 York Street Albany
PH 08 9842 3530
Rose Sing
Massage Essential Oils.
0420 622 026
Crystal's Massage
Crystal Bonini
20 Aberdeen St, Albany
PH: 9842 1436
Mob: 0400 260 322
Total Massage Care
Steve Landells
62 Stead Rd, Albany
PH: 9842 1393
Mob: 0407 939 890
Gypsy Massage
Janine Bush
PH:9844 3623
Serene Relaxation
Massage aromatherapy
8 Medical Parade, Albany
Mob: 0438 882 734
David Bastiani
Massage Therapy
8 Trimmer Road Albany
PH: 08 9842 9152
Mob: 0488 123 632
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More massage therapists
Lyndal Gallaway / Qi (chi) Gong, Yoga, Bowen   Ph 9848 2730  Mob 0427 582 730 
Jill Lisson / Dip of Massage for Health  Mob 0428 287 037
Dean Sice / Therapeutic, sports, swedish massage  Mob 0438 929 727

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Albany practitioners offer a wide range of remedial & sports massage, bowen therapy.

Massage therapy can be relaxing, invigorating, healing or spiritually enriching with each massage therapist offering a different massage style. Choose amongst a wide array of services in Albany to suit the health requirements of yourself and your family. Through massage you can learn where your body is holding pain, stess and anxiety.