Albany was the site of WA'S first colonial settlement in 1826

Albany's history awaits.

Visit the many historical buildings of Albany and learn about her history,
from the orignial Noongar inhabitants to early colonial settlement & later ANZAC departures.


Albany Voiceprints
A Voiceprint is an engaging way to bring an Oral History story to life. Generally it comes from an audio Oral History recording, usually selected from a longer interview and edited into a narrative. This Oral History narrative is then accompanied by photographs, sometimes old film footage and an underlying thread of music. It relies primarily on a strong oral narrative sympathetically and subtly supported by image and music to become a self-sustained story.
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Walsley Museum Textiles
Wesley Museum
This rich textile collection was curated by passionate albany local, Judy McKechnie.
Includes gowns dating back to the 1880's & some wonderful gowns from the 1970's. Christening and funeral garments.
The collection is held at the rear of the Uniting Church buildings
and is well worth a visit. Click on the image for more info.
Vancouver Arts Centre
The Vancouver Arts Centre, built in 1887, originally housed in the former Albany Cottage Hospital.

Colonial Architect, George Temple Poole designed the building which remained a hospital until 1962.

In 1980, a major refurbishment program began, and the complex was transformed to a vibrant arts and crafts centre.

85 Vancouver Street, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 9260
St Johns Anglican Church
Building work on St Johns Anglican Church was commenced in 1841, British convicts carried out most of the work. On February 24, 1918, Padre Ernest White conducted a requiem mass at St John’s for soldiers killed during WW1. Today, St Johns Church has a vibrant & active community.

Lower York Street, Albany WA 6330
Mokare Statue
Mokare (pronounced Mawarrie) was he son of an Aboriginal elder of the Minang tribe of the Nyungar (also spelled Noongar) people. His tribe lived in the King George Sound area and his first contact with Europeans seems to have been with sailors from the French ship Astrolabe. His picture was drawn by the French artist Louis de Sainson. Find out more about this fascinating story at the Residency Museum.

Residency Road, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 4844
Albany Historical Society
Read more detailed information about Albany's history on the Albany Historical Society's website.

Albany Historical Society Inc
Administration Office
37 Duke Street, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 5403
The Brig Amity Replica
The Brig Amity is an exact replica of original vessel which brought the first white settlers to Albany. Open to the public, for a small entrance fee you can roam above decks and explore below deck to see how the crew members lived during their journey from Sydney.

9.30am-4pm daily

Residency Rd, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 5403
Albany Town Hall
Opened in 1888, Albany's Town Hall is the iconic building of the main street. This is where WA's first regional meeting of State Parliament took place.

217 York Street, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 9208

Image: Carol Duncan
Eclipse Building
This building houses some of Albany's maritime history including the light from the Eclipse Island Lighthouse.

9.30am-4pm daily

Residency Rd, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 5403
The Old Gaol
Now fully restored, the Gaol is a complex of men’s cell blocks and some warders' quarters, built in 1852 for Imperial convicts shipped to WA as artisans and skilled labourers. Women’s cells, the Great Hall and more warders' quarters were constructed of brick between 1872 and 1875.

Lower Stirling Terrace, Albany WA 6330
(opposite the Police Station - to right of rail crossing)

PH 08 9841 1401
National ANZAC Centre
Albany's unique and new National ANZAC Centre is now open to the public with a stunning and moving interactive experience that allows the visitor to follow a soldiers journey.

9.00am-5.00pm daily

70 Forts Rd, Mount Clarence Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 9369
Residency Museum - Nyungar History
Find out more about Albany's early inhabitants at the Residency Museum.

Residency Road, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 4844
Albany Peace Park
This park is beautifully landscaped and located on the towns foreshore. A great place for a reflective walk along the pathways and around the town harbour area. Featuring historic plaques with information about wartime events. Walk East towards the Entertainment Centre and find Due South or the View restaurant for coffee & meals.
Albany WA Museum
The Albany WA Museum contains the newly redeveloped exhibitions telling the stories of the Great Southern’s natural and social history, from its early geological formation, its indigenous history through to early settlement and on to the area’s modern day events such as the introduction of the wind farm, the largest in Australia.

Residency Road, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 4844
The Court House
The Courthouse entrances are unique and were built in created in 1896. A unique example of the work of that period, exhibiting masonry at its best. Its two arched entrances are a lasting memorial to Mr Trott, who was responsible for their design.

Located on Stirling Terrace (West).
The Rotunda
The Rotunda banstand was built in 1987 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

Gardens were created in the surrounding area and were named Queen Victoria Jubilee Gardens.

Located at the Eastern end of Stirling Terrace.
Historic Stirling Terrace
Walk down Stirling Terrace to discover many historic buildings including the Courthouse, The Old Post Office and the Rotunda.
The Old Post Office
The Old Post Office building was formerly Albany's post office, customs office and a base station of the overland telegraph. The building is noted for its architectural and historical significance.

The building currently houses the University of Western Australia Albany campus.

Stirling Terrace, (East end), opposite Spencer Street, on a multilevel site that overlooks Princess Royal Harbour.
Patrick Taylor Cottage Museum
This 11 room wattle and daub home, furnished as it would have been in bygone days, is the oldest surviving dwelling in Western Australia. The cottage is the pride and joy of the Albany Historical Society and a must-see attraction for visitors.

37 Duke St, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 5403
Strawberry Hill Farm
WA's first wheat crop was planted at the old farm. Walk the heritage garden including a grain crop, a large collection of hydrangeas & established european trees. Visit the old historic cottage.

10am-4pm daily

174 Middleton Road, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 3735
Fortress Military Museum
Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum holds "a treasure trove of military memorabilia & information."

9.00 am-5.00 pm daily
(except Christmas Day & Good Friday)

Forts Rd, Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9841 9369
Discovery Bay Tourism Experience
It is home to Australia's last whaling station, a fascinating journey into the past when these enormous creatures were being harvested from the oceans. At Discovery Bay also see a stunning Botanic Garden of West Australian wildflowers and a display offering visitors a close up experience with friendly Australian Wildlife.

Whaling Station Rd, Frenchman Bay Albany WA 6330

PH 08 9844 4021
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