Find the best beaches in Albany WA

Walk on a pristine beach with turquoise waters and crunchy white sand.

Beaches that stretch forever with huge iconic granite rocks and amazing skies.


Discover the beaches around Albany.


Best time to swim at Albany's many beaches is early mornings before the wind starts blowing.

There are beaches that work well during the day when the wind is coming in from the East/North-east or South/South-west

See list below for your best options.

Swim, surf or dive into the crystal clear waters and always take care at our beaches.
Be aware of surges and strong currents at some locations.
Children should be carefully supervised at all beaches,
especially at our many isolated beaches without surf-lifesaving on hand.
Best beaches for children are Emu Point near the swimming lanes 
& Gull Rock (when there is an easterly) in the corner with supervision.


wind direction (summer)



Most protected beaches:
Gull Rock (a local fav when the Easterly blows)
Frenchmans Bay (grass corner - picnics),
Mutton Bird Beach
Greens Pool Denmark.



wind direction (winter)



Most protected beaches:
Middleton Beach (Ellen Cove Corner)
Frenchmans Bay (grassed corner)
Fisheries (some corners under shelter)
Emu Point near swimming lanes
Nanarup Lagoon, Little Beach, Betty's Beach
Waychinicup, Cosy Corner, Shelley Beach, Ocean Beach & Waterfall Beach, Denmark.

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