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Check surf conditions on the South Coast

Find Surf in Albany

Albany has kilometres of rarely surfed breaks in a rugged coastline of bays and headlands with protected sandy bays and points to offer possible waves for the shortboarder, standup paddler and longboarder. With a dedicated local crew of diehard locals, Albany's surf is not for the faint hearted with its passing whitepointers, cold southwesterly winds and difficult to access coastline.

Ask any local and they will point you in the direction of the easier, better known breaks such as Nanarup, Mutton Bird and Ocean Beach. to the west in Denmark.

A more challenging break known as The Right further to west has also been gaining international attention among big wave surfers. Any day you may be the one to discover a new break that miraculously appears on the various shifting beach breaks along this coast. Best chance is to wait for a northwest wind in autumn and a northeast wind in summer.

Albany has a number of surfshops selling surfboards and surfwear, as well as a local surfboard manufacturer Adrian Shephard, with his Aido brand.

Searching the internet will also tell you about the lesser known breaks and the wind and swell directions required.

If you are looking for a surf school there a number of surf instructors catering for tourists, women and schools.

Tony Harrison and Mike Neunebel are two well known surf instructors and they are also regular winners on the Australian longboard circuit.

And for the older lady surfers there is the "Granny Grommets" who brave the waves at Middleton beach on a regular basis.

Albany certainly has its days for surf and for those willing to explore there is a wealth of waves to be had.

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