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Find stunning fungi communities growing near Albany

Albany's mediterranean climate makes it a hotspot for a diverse range of magnificent fungi. These photos were taken close to Albany in mid June 2020.

An enchanting wonderland of fungi awaits ...

Right on our doorstep in late autumn/early winter may be found an incredible collection of fungus. These images were taken all along a short stretch of the Bibbulmun track near Mutton Bird beach to the west of Albany. To find this track, take Mutton Bird road to the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia entrance (on the left side) about two thirds of the way to the beach. Park your car near this entrance alongside the road. You will see the Bibbulmun Track entrance sign. Take this track, in the direction of the beach, initially running alongside the left side of the road (south), alongside the shooters club fence (its okay, its safe!). This track leads to a crossing at Mutton Bird road, then continues as the Bibbulmun track on the other side of the bitumen road. This is where the fun(gus) begins! Look carefully alongside the track for an array of unique fungi, all the way to the beach. This stretch of the walk takes around 25 minutes to the beach.

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