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Albany Voiceprints

A Voiceprint is an engaging way to bring an oral history story to life.
Experience Historical Albany through this unique collection of Voiceprints.
These stories feature local people sharing their experiences of living within the Albany community.
A Voiceprint relies primarily on a strong oral narrative sympathetically and subtly supported by historical imagery (both photos and video) and music to become a self-sustained story.
View This Voiceprint Below
Verna Goodman - Middleton Beach

Verna Goodman Voiceprint - Middleton Beach

Verna Goodman recalls her memories of the bathing booths on Middleton beach – the main town beach of Albany. This is accompanied by some very old film footage of activities on the beach back in the 1930’s.

This Voiceprint was produced by local Albany oral history enthusiast Kim Lofts with assistance from historian, Malcolm Traill.

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