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FIND ALBANY WEBSITE would like to gauge support from Albany residents for the off-leash dog exercise area at Middleton Dog Beach.


The City of Albany is currently considering which areas will be designated (or continue to be designated) for dogs on or off-leash. The City has invited the people of Albany to give their feed-back on this issue.


The team at Find Albany have created this page in order to give residents some food for thought, and hopefully some encouragement to give feed-back
to the City.

Please email your comments to the City of Albany

before September 28th 2018 directly to:

Carl Beck


for more info from the City, maps & policy etc:

Visit the City of Albany - Dog Policy Page

So what do you think?

Are you too afraid to walk alone or with your children or your small dog on the beach walk between Middleton Beach and Emu Point due to feeling intimidated by off-leash dogs? 

If so, you could write to the City of Albany and let your views be known. Perhaps ask if we could have segregated areas for large and small dogs, or areas where large dogs are not allowed. 

Do you regularly walk your dog on the Middleton Dog Beach, what do you love about this walk?

Tell the City of Albany about your experiences to support keeping the beach as it is.


Have you, your family or small dog been either intimidated or attacked by off-leash dogs on the beach walk between Middleton Beach and Emu Point?

If so, you should write to the City of Albany and let them know what you have experienced. It will assist them in their quest to better understand what is happening in this area.

What do you love about taking your dog to the beach where he/she can exercise off-leash?

Tell the City of Albany about your experiences to support keeping the beach as it is.


Would you prefer that the beach walk between Middleton Beach and Emu Point be segregated to accommodate small and large dogs, thereby allowing families or people with small dogs to walk in safety on this beach?

If so, write to the City of Albany and express you views.


Do you feel there is a need to dog owner education about the need to keep their dog on a lead when passing others who are walking in the same area?

If so, write to the City of Albany and let them know your views, this would help the City in their decision making about what kind of public education is needed. Where signs should go and what content should be on signs.


Do you feel there is a need for Albany to create special small dog walking areas, thereby creating spaces for families and children to walk safely in public?

If so, email the City of Albany because they are conducting research into the need to introduce segregated small dog walking areas, which in turn would also create safe walking spaces for families and small children to enjoy.

Do you enjoy the beach just as it is and are you happy with the current arrangements?

If so, email the City of Albany and tell them what you think.


Have your say about dog walking

& human walking on
Middleton Dog Beach

Image: Hannah Lim

Your Facebook comments :)

Leave the dog beach alone! Put up a sign saying if you are scared/don't like dogs do not enter!!

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Leave middleton dog beach alone. There are lots of places to walk with out a dog. Few to let you have an exercise place with your dogs. If you don’t like dogs walk some where else. There are many elderly people who walk their dogs there. It’s healthy,social and good for both dogs and owners.

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All dogs should be on a Leash, however good they may appear, somtimes something can set them off...Be responsible...I know Dog lovers think their pets are well behaved hoowever they have to be open minded about other people and dogs..

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SIMPLE! Leave the dog beach for the people that enjoy using that area to excercise their dogs. People that can't deal with animal behavoir, have the choice to walk else where.

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If we are going to have some control over the dogs, why can’t we get the horses off the beach?

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I guess it's only a matter of time before the pressure of increasing population squeezes dog owners off our lovely beach but for now it's amazing to be able to walk our dogs somewhere so beautiful. And I like the horses too- just put your dog on the lead when they're around.

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Leave dog beach alone! Plenty of other choices to walk if u don’t like dogs. Some people are just so selfish.....all abt me me me !

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I found the tone of this post bias, with the leaning being towards those who do not agree with the current situation, seen in the use of emotional language like ‘bounding around’ , ‘it’s a shame’ and ‘terrifying’. I don’t think that a page such as this should be showing any bias, especially when your post is supposedly promoting feedback to the City of Albany.

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I used to really enjoy walking my small dog regularly with my 5 month old baby on the dog beach until a number of incidents occured and I now feel too unsafe to walk by myself. While being pregnant, and also while having a baby carrier on, I have had large dog/dogs jump up on me and bark and play roughly with my dog to the point she yelps to be picked up which has happened a number of times. On all these occasions the owner has just said they are playing, even though I clearly look distressed and they have not been able or tried to control their dog/dogs at all.

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I have no issues with people walking their dogs off leash in any off leash area as long as they remain in control of the dog. 
I have had issues when dogs, luckily friendly, have come rushing over to make friends with mine. Sometimes the owner is way ahead of the dog or sometimes their way behind, at best you get a yelled ‘s/he’s friendly’. This isn’t helpful when I’m trying to give my timid dog good experiences with other dogs & the over friendliness just makes things worse.
Don’t tell me not to go there, my dog has as much right to socialise politely as yours does. However I don’t often go anywhere as it’s too hard.

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 Isn't the operative words in this, "off-leash area?" Dogs DO bound around, and leap, and run and generally tear around! It (Middleton Beach Dog Beach,) is well-marked as a dog exercise area, so people should be aware they are likely to meet exuberant animals on a free animal beach!  
So don't take tiny babies there yet, use the restricted area to the south. If everyone were more tolerant of each other, and show respect for the differences we might all be much happier. 
I don't go to the horse end of the beach as I am scared of them, but I don't think they should be restricted either.

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We could ban unaccompanied humans from the dogbeach
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