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Join us for a guided meditation
Wednesdays 6.00pm
Thursdays 9.30am
Senior Citizens Centre
122 Grey St. West Albany
Western Australia
Beginners and experienced
meditators welcome
All ages welcome to this beautiful
light meditation space 
BYO cushion, socks, blanket
Chairs provided
Cost $4 (no bookings)
stay for a cup of herb tea!
ENQUIRIES mob 0401 086 862
sit for meditation.jpg
meditation posture
When you sit for meditation you need
to be supported by firm cushions
or folded blankets. Or if you are stitting
on a chair, you may need a cushion
behind your lower back or
a cushion on the floor for your feet
to rest upon.
Make sure you can hold your position
for the duration of the meditation.
If you experience pain during 
meditation, its best to make an
adjustment to your position
or move to a chair.
This cushion is filled with buckwheat husk, making it firm to sit on. It makes an excellent support for meditation.
click on the image for details and website to purchase a cushion.
positions for meditating
Its all about comfort, ease & being alert.
You need to be comfortable enough to sit for a period of time without moving, at the same time,
you don't want to get sleepy, so you need be upright with your spine straight and a small curve at the base of the spine. 
Its worth spending some time getting your posture comfortable before meditating - your meditation will be more effective.
You can be seated on a meditation stool, folded blankets or firm cushions and either kneeling, sitting cross legged or on a chair with some lower back support. If you choose meditate laying down, use a cushion beneath the knees.
If you practice yoga regularly, you may be able to sit in the lotus position, however for many of us, this position is too severe and puts pressure on the knees and ankles.
The positions shown here are gentle. Always be kind to your body and if there is pain during mediation, adjust your posture until there is comfort.
Be warm during meditation with a light blanket to wrap around your shoulders. Wear socks. Bring along any items that help to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Om Meditation Community

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mob 0401 086 862

meditation group in albany, wa
This group is independent and is not affiliated with any religion.