find out what info to send us for your event listing


Find Albany welcomes your future event posts.


We encourage you to email your event details to us well in advance of your event, including your flyer and if possible an image of a previous similar event or an image representing the event.


Please make sure the image does not have any text over it. We prefer images & text to flyers on our site but we will accept flyers (we know you are a busy person!)

If you have any free tickets or offers you would like to give away to promote your event, please let us know and we may be able to make an offer on Facebook.

Please send future posts to this email

Good Luck with your event!



Event Info guide

1. Event Title

2. Event Date and Day

3. Event Time

4. Event Location

5. Event Description (as much info as possible) including what activity, display or performance, who should attend, finish time, bring anything (sunblock, hat, food, walking shoes etc)? Is the event kid friendly?

6. Contact details: Person / Phone & Email if possible

7. Website link for further information (or other social media)